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Blue/Black T.Smash 2304

Blue/Black T.Smash 2304

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Padel shoes for men, developed with the latest technology to provide maximum performance in training and competition. They are indicated for medium-low weight padel players looking for the best in reactivity and cushioning. In addition, they have a wide last for greater comfort.
The cut of these tennis shoes is made mostly of light and flexible textile, which has VTS perforations for better sweat ventilation. In this way, the tennis player's foot will remain cool throughout the entire set, increasing their comfort. This material is protected with synthetic insert without seams to keep it light.

The midsole has an excellent level of cushioning thanks to FULL DUAL PULSOR technology, a dual-density system that combines reactivity with extra cushioning. On the one hand, the stiffer upper phylon stabilizes movements. On the other hand, the REACTIVE BALL part absorbs impacts and drives the tennis player.

The DURABILITY rubber sole guarantees great resistance to abrasion and increases the durability of the shoes against wear and tear on the track.

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