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Joma Sport SA

Black/Turquoise T.Smash 2031

Black/Turquoise T.Smash 2031

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Men's padel trainers. These competition and training shoes offer excellent stability and high wear resistance. Wear official World Padel Tour footwear and feel like a true professional padel player. They will optimise your performance.

The upper is made of custom mesh and welded synthetic elements to eliminate weight and seams. This is possible thanks to the use of flexshield technology, which heat-seals the synthetic material to the upper to provide support, stability and fit while maintaining lightness.

Includes a protective piece on the toe to enhance its abrasion resistance.

It features VTS, Joma's ventilation system that keeps the foot at a constant temperature.

The midsole is made with FULL DUAL PULSOR double density technology: in the upper part the phylon is denser as it aims to provide stability, and in the lower part the reactive ball provides excellent cushioning and propulsion. In addition, it has an exo counter stabiliser that forms part of the midsole and provides enhanced protection.

The sole is made of highly abrasion resistant DURABILITY rubber and incorporates the stabilis SYSTEM, a TPU piece that stabilises the foot strike and prevents improper turns.

Likewise, the midsole and the sole have FLEXO grooves, ensuring the padel player maintains a more natural foot strike.

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