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T.Set Lady 2201 Black/Sky Blue

T.Set Lady 2201 Black/Sky Blue

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Shoe for middleweight players training moderately and who need a lot of stability.

The upper is made of micro PU and nylon with a design that allows perspiration in all areas. Rubber reinforcement in the interior in the metatarsal area to protect the shoe from friction and microfibre front to withstand front friction.

The insole is made of thermoformed EVA to fit the shape of the foot and the base is 2 mm of EVA stitched to the upper.

The midsole has been manufactured with a full dual pulsator system consisting of double phylon in different densities that adds cushioning.

It also incorporates the Stabilis System - a piece of TPU that stabilises the foot upon landing and prevents twisting.

Highly abrasion resistant DIN-40 rubber sole.

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