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Royal R.Supercross 2374

Royal R.Supercross 2374

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Men’s/Women’s running shoes. The Supercross model was the official running shoe for the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon 2023. Its design pays a new tribute to the city of Madrid, one of the most diverse capitals in Europe. Therefore, a personalised print has been added to the characteristic blue, which consists of different characters that make up the name “MADRID”, and which represent its multicultural character.

These running shoes are designed to support a pace that is greater than 4 minutes during training and during half/full marathon competitions. They are perfect for runners that need extra reactivity and impulse. They also make it easier to recover after a gruelling race.

They are cut and manufactured in a lightweight, breathable and flexible fabric, along with the VTS technology so that a constant foot temperature is maintained. Synthetics have been inserted using JOMA SPORTECH technology in order to achieve a better fit to the foot without adding extra weight.

The midsole consists of the dual density FULL DUAL PULSOR system. The lower REACTIVE BALL is a thermoplastic material that absorbs the impact of the step and boosts the output thanks to the fact that it quickly recovers its shape. The Drop 10 also contributes to this and is meant for those who are greater heel strikers. The higher density phylon upper piece provides stability and prevents deformation with each step.

The sole is made of DURABILITY rubber which is highly resistant to asphalt abrasion. This is sectioned by FLEXO lines for flexibility, which facilitates the naturalness and transition of the step.

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