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Unisex White/Orange R.3000 2202

Unisex White/Orange R.3000 2202

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R.3000 is intended for competition and aimed at runners with good technique who want to take advantage of the additional reactivity provided by the ENDOPLATE carbon fibre plate. This semi-rigid material compresses the foam of the midsole and achieves 80% reactivity upon releasing the weight of the body. Thus, the real benefits of R.3000 for runners is that energy savings help reduce fatigue, maintain a consistent pace throughout the race and facilitate recovery.

The plate model offers a 2% saving in energy expenditure versus the same model without the plate. This is due mainly to a 0.8cm increase in step length with a proportional reduction in step frequency.

It is suitable for runners with good foot strike technique and a fast pace, for use on tarmac and track only. The weight of the shoe is 258 g and it has a drop of 8 mm.

The upper is constructed in a very breathable fabric incorporating the VTS SYSTEM to maximise this quality. In addition, the very thin nylon provides comfort and freedom of movement to the foot, employing the FLEXSHIELD system that provides a resistance-free and lightweight fit to the foot. For further comfort, the tongue has internal foam and double elastic fastening to the upper to ensure it stays in place at all times.

The sole features a geometry designed exclusively for the type of runner at which R.3000 is directed. These are runners with a refined technique that land on the front of the foot, and hence the rubber has been reinforced in the toe, especially around the big toe and transition lines. The reduction of the overall rubber component helps create a lighter shoe while allowing the release of energy required by the reactivity of R.3000.

Another important point is that of ensuring good traction of the sole on tarmac when running at high speed. The DURABILITY rubber accompanied by reinforcement in areas more prone to wear increases the shoe's resistance. This is an improvement introduced by Joma compared to the previous model.

Now also available in smaller sizes from 37.

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