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Lady's T.Master 1000 2432

Lady's T.Master 1000 2432

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Tennis shoes for clay and padel. Women's model recommended for low frequency training (2-3 days per week). These shoes provide exceptionally good cushioning, protection and comfort.

These padel shoes are designed to provide the best ventilation, fit, and comfort. Mainly made of flexible and resistant PU synthetic material with VTS perforations located in strategic areas allowing for sweat ventilation. Part of the ankle and tongue is of padded nylon improving adjustment and fit, along with the PERFECT FIT lace.

Midsole is constructed of lightweight, flexible phylon for shock absorption, with increased height on the lateral side using PROTECTION technology.

The DURABILITY clay rubber outsole is designed for playing on clay or padel courts. Providing the necessary grip on slippery surfaces as it expels the sand from the sole. Featuring excellent traction when you start to move, stop, or change direction. You will be able to glide across the court without difficulty.
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